Thank You from Homeowner in Dothan


I wanted to take the time on behalf of my family and myself to give each of you a heartfelt THANK YOU. 

About this time last year, our family found ourselves at a crossroads. After 15 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to end our [marriage]. 

[A few months later] it seemed the world came to a complete halt and everything slammed down around us. A day before my birthday, my soon to be ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer. The original diagnosis was the worst possible scenario. Suddenly, like a zoom lens on life’s eye…everything had a new perspective. We put our divorce on hold and shifted our attention to getting through this cancer. 

Due to the rigorous chemo and radiation treatment regimen the doctors scheduled, my husband was fired from his job of only 10 months. He had just ventured away from the family business, the only job he had known for years, to learn a new trade. He was most proud of achieving this goal of branching out away from his comfort zone to discover new talents he knew he had! This put a huge financial strain on us, and slowly the building ‘cancer burden’ had begun. 

During the difficult days of his illness, we found ourselves raw to the emotion and pain of this disease. I think at this time we were aware of God revealing to each of us what really matters in this life and that commitment is integrity. 

As the financial burdens mounted, our mortgage had gotten so lapsed that even partial payments were no longer being accepted and we found ourselves in peril. We had applied for disability but were rejected. Unemployment was an absolute nightmare to navigate through and after almost two months of that fight he was awarded a mere fraction of his earnings. 

Then I received the mortal death sentence from our mortgage company. A foreclosure date. A printing schedule in our local newspaper. Just when I thought things could not sink any lower, we reached out to you. 
With each and every email, your incredible staff was always more than supportive and eager to see us save our home. I never wanted to be able to hug any group of people more!!! Each and every one of you who played a role in our family miracle…THANK YOU!!! Our lives are forever changed. I want each of you to know that you are part of a true miracle story. 

As the story of cancer continued…my husband is now home and cancer free! When we returned to Birmingham to have the scheduled surgery, the doctor could find no cancer. 

With all this, I say THANK YOU. We have overcome battles we never thought possible this year, and are here, intact, as a family unit, with you and your staff to graciously thank for it. Without your role in our journey, the story would not read the same. 

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