HHA Helped Center Point Homeowner Transition From Unemployment to Employment Without Skipping a Single Mortgage Payment


Sharon Jones of Center Point was successfully supporting herself and her two daughters when she was unexpectedly let go from her job of more than 20 years. 

“Being a single parent raising two daughters, of course you can imagine this put a heavy strain on my financial obligations,” said Jones.

Luckily, a former coworker told Sharon about the Hardest Hit Alabama program – Alabama’s foreclosure prevention program that, in addition to other forms of assistance, pays a qualified homeowner’s mortgage payments during unemployment. Jones submitted her application via HardestHitAlabama.com.

“Being a responsible homeowner, I had everything updated and in order. So, the process for me went really well,” she said. “As soon as I completed my application online, a counselor contacted me within 24 hours of my submitted application.  Once I spoke with my counselor, I was given very specific, detailed instructions of the entire process. The counselor kept me informed through every step in the approval process.”

Jones was unemployed for 10 months before she was able to secure another job. During the entire time, HHA took care of the mortgage payments for the home she has owned for the last 16 years. She said, “The program gave me the opportunity to transition from being unemployed to being employed without skipping a mortgage payment.”

She was so happy with her experience that she wrote to the HHA staff, praising the program and her counselor. “With God’s grace, I am now employed again but I could not continue without taking the time to tell you how appreciative I am of the program and the follow-up, process and excellent customer service that my counselor provided,” said Jones. “She was so supportive and understanding from the beginning to the end. I cannot thank her enough.”

She continues to recommend HHA to friends and church members who have been impacted in some way by loss of employment. 

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