Hardest Hit Alabama Eases Burden by Making Monthly Mortgage Payments for Montgomery Homeowner


Hardest Hit Alabama is available to help financially distressed homebuyers prevent foreclosure by making their mortgage payments up to $25,000, providing funds to qualify for a loan modification, or assisting with a short sale.

The federally funded program helped Annette Walters of Montgomery after she lost her job and lacked the savings needed to pay her bills while she waited to qualify for disability benefits.

“Things were just going downhill. I fell on hard times and have been going through a rough patch," said Walters.

A friend recommended the Hardest Hit Alabama program. “The counselors were so nice and sweet while I worked to get everything together. Once the paperwork came in, it was just tears I was so happy.”

Though she continues to wait to be approved for disability benefits, Walters doesn’t have to worry about the security of her home while HHA handles the monthly mortgage payment. 

“I’m just so thankful, so grateful for Hardest Hit Alabama,” she said. “It is a great program. I would recommend this program to everyone that I can.”

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