After an Unexpected Layoff, Cherea of Montgomery Finds Peace of Mind with Hardest Hit Alabama


Cherea Crayton is a homeowner in Montgomery, Alabama who found peace of mind through the Hardest Hit Fund after reaching out for help. Cherea was a program director at a regional vocational college when the economy began its downward swing. Organizational restructuring eliminated her position, and she found herself unemployed unexpectedly.

“I was living off my savings, but that had run out,” said Cherea. “I could no longer make my mortgage payment.”

When Cherea found out about Hardest Hit Alabama, she jumped at the opportunity. “The HHA employees were very helpful with all my questions and concerns,” said Cherea. “They kept me calm and were a great resource.”

On Cherea’s behalf, HHA makes a payment to her mortgage servicer on a monthly basis while she seeks re-employment. Through HHA, eligible homeowners receive assistance to pay their mortgage payments and all other mortgage-related expenses, including payments on any subordinate liens, while they are unemployed or underemployed. Homeowners can receive assistance for up to 12 months, with total payments up to $15,000.

“Hardest Hit Alabama has been such a blessing to me,” said Cherea. “A burden has been lifted, so that I can focus on regaining employment, not how I am going to keep my house.”

“This program saved me,” Cherea stated. “Without it, I would either be homeless or in the foreclosure process. HHA preserved my sense of self, so that I can make a fresh start.”

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